Kingley and comps – The Progenitor

    • Character: Kingley and comps of The Progenitor
    • Jedi Knight: Guardian
    • Submitted by: Ruinous-Maximus

Nar Shaddaa Kingpins is a ragtag outfit made up of extraordinary individuals fighting against the inherently corrupt Republic and the autocratic Jedi Council – for liberty, private enterprise and the right to carry blasters:

Kingley a.k.a. the King: There are two stories of Kingley’s origin – the man and the legend. One is that Kingley grew up on the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa under the auspices of Trumpaa the Hutt (the Golden Eyed, the Money-Colored, He who knows Good Words, Prosperity be Upon Him) – the other is that Kingley was found some 40 years ago floating lifeless through empty space, apparently unaffected by the complete lack of protection. Both are true.

Kira a.k.a. Kircilla a.k.a. Kirr (by the King himself): the King’s better half and long-suffering girlfriend. Kircilla is a bleeding heart liberal, believing in state-intervention, social services and even public libraries – however, she is also the King’s staunchest ally and most important advisor. Kirr is known to slam holo-doors, use unladylike language, and leave the King speechless whenever the King fails to understand basic concepts of cause-and-effect in social systems. The only member of Nar Shaddaa Kingpins not to be outright hostile to the Republic, though she too dislikes the mandatory red-tape and heavy-handed bureaucracy.

Doc a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood a.k.a. The Love Doc: Personal physician to the King – also Nar Shaddaa’s most prolific drug smuggler and gun runner. Believes fervently in the legalization of spice and the right to carry blasters. That Doc also makes astronomic amounts of credits on selling both is merely coincidental – there’s nothing wrong with earning a few space bucks defending freedom. The King has told Doc to respect the law – however, the King also respects Doc’s right to make decisions for himself.

Lord Scourge a.k.a. Lord Knievel a.k.a. Lord Grumblepants (before his morning coffee): Knievel is the perfect Homo Economicus – the perfectly logical individual. Knievel takes no pleasure in suffering, does not act out of impulse and feels no malice – Knievel solely judges an interaction for its economic potential and act to maximize his personal value function. Knievel is devoid of emotion, sentimentality and personal judgement. The perfect Jedi.

Treek a.k.a. Essex Treek a.k.a. Tressex: Tressex is shallow, vain and frankly atrocious. Unlike other Ewoks, Tressex believes in bling, purple labels, unadulterated consumerism and in only socializing with winners – in fact, she would prefer to see Endor paved over and turned into a super mall. Or as Tressex would put it, gleefully chirping in her native Ewokese (she of course refuses to learn foreign languages): “I don’t deal in losers, dweeps or creeps. My last boyfriend was a Czerka CEO – liked a bit of fur. So, if you can’t maintain me at the level I require, then you can’t afford me as a girlfriend. Do you think these bleached stripes paid for themselves – and this hood ‘n’ ammunition belt combo is a Fooey-Lutton. So, if you’re no winner, talk to the paw – cuz this adorable pouty face ain’t listening.”

C2-N2: Personal manservant to the King – known for offering unsolicited fashion advice, being overly forward and acting highly possessive about access to the King, especially towards Kircilla. C2-N2 is also heavily into electronica and is known to frequent those bars in the seeder part of Shadow Town, where political careers are lost and only male Twi’leks are placed on the decoration hooks. It’s hard to find love in a world where you have no inherent gender and no two chipsets ever fit with each other. It takes all sorts.

HK-51 a.k.a. HK-666 a.k.a. H8-AL a.k.a. Killbot: Doesn’t speak with a nerdy professor voice, but rather with a low hateful growl, barely identifiable as speech – mainly involving the word ‘kill’ and ‘that’, with the occasional impatient question mark behind. Lately the King has been using H8-AL to hand out menus and deliver drinks on the casino floor, to teach H8-AL social skills – however, only the loyalty chip in H8’s head keeps him from killing everyone and everything in sight.>

T7-01 a.k.a. TN-PL8 a.k.a. Drinksbot: Not much use – but always there with a drink and a heal. Unbeknownst to the King, TN-PL8 is actually the most advanced hacking droid ever constructed. The King is not into technology.

Sergeant Rusk a.k.a. Ruskie a.k.a. Sergeant Deadwood: A veteran of the legendary Gold Troopers, the private army of the Nar Shaddaa Kingpins and the Galaxy’s most successful mercenary force. Good at polishing guns and his golden armor, Rusk always comes out of the armory strangely relaxed and relieved. Otherwise all round boring.

TCSB = Taking Care of Space Business B-/


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Stylish Defender’s Goggles No Light Orange & None Binary Reality
Chest Arkan’s Cloak White & Light Orange GTN / Armor set
Hands Temple Guardian’s Gauntlets No Light Orange & White GTN / Armor set
Waist Temple Guardian’s Belt No White & Light Orange GTN / Armor set
Legs Vrook Lamar’s Pants No Light Orange & White GTN / Armor set
Feet Jarael’s Boots No White & Light Gray GTN / Armor set
Wrists &
Weapon Alliance Bulwark’s Lightsaber Mint Green GTN / pack

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