Kingley – The Progenitor

  • Character: Kingley of The Progenitor
  • Jedi Knight: Guardian
  • Submitted by: Ruinous-Maximus

Kingley – Jedi master, businessman and Chief Executive of Nar Shaddaa Kingpins. Just takin’ care of business. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. B-/

Kingley-in-360-degree-viewReady-to-rockKingleys-power-stancesKingley-doing-the-flying-ElvisPoster-Style-A-posesKingley-in-concertDoing-a-mall-gig-earning-those-space-bucksHaving-a-snack-between-gigs-at-the-Star-Cluster-CasinoDown-on-his-luck-but-taking-it-fineGetting into trouble after a few brews Xantha solo and Nar Shadda fireworks Sitting around waiting for some Jedi-business to turn up Showing off his dance moves to a foxxy Twi'lek chick In his office, taking care of business (hot holo-Risha in the background) Kingley surrounded by his holo-babes Blowing his space bucks on the slot machines with his golden posse Kingley - Jedi, businessman, guildmaster Kingley with benefactor, luxury ride and golden droid posse The fins are just right, now we just need this baby to be shocking pink and have no text on the hood


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadStylish Defender’s GogglesNoLight Orange & NoneBinary Reality
ChestArkan’s CloakWhite & Light OrangeGTN / Armor set
HandsTemple Guardian’s GauntletsNoLight Orange & WhiteGTN / Armor set
WaistTemple Guardian’s BeltNoWhite & Light OrangeGTN / Armor set
LegsVrook Lamar’s PantsNoLight Orange & WhiteGTN / Armor set
FeetJarael’s BootsNoWhite & Light GrayGTN / Armor set
WeaponAntique Socorro Lightsaber DornWhite-Blue-PurpleArchitect’s Stronghold Pack

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