kiwi’unleashed – The Red Eclipse

  • Character: kiwi’unleashed of The Red Eclipse
  • Jedi Consular: Shadow
  • Submitted by: master crynort
  • hi there.

    this is my first time posting one of my armor combo’s that i have spent hours on picking and trying different pieces of armor, i really loved the Satele Shan’s Tunic. Gloves & belt but for my female shadow it took her months of window shopping on the gtn & collection window to find the perfect pieces to complete the combo.

    i hope you like it as much i do.


    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    HeadRegal Apparel TiaraYes &Archon’s Contraband Pack
    ChestSatele Shan’s TunicDeep Green & WhiteGatekeeper’s/Builder’s Stronghold Pack
    HandsSatele Shan’s GlovesYes &Gatekeeper’s/Builder’s Stronghold Pack
    WaistSatele Shan’s BeltYes &Gatekeeper’s/Builder’s Stronghold Pack
    LegsRegal Apparel MiniskirtYes &Source: Archon’s Contraband Pack
    FeetJedi Strategist’s BootsYes &Source: Visionary Alliance Pack
    Wrists &
    WeaponVolatile Conqueror’s SaberstaffPink MagentaVice Commandant’s Contraband Pack