Character – Krogar’db – The Harbinger – Mercenary

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Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head [Prototype] TH-17A Elite War Medic Helmet Yes None & None
Chest CZ-13k Guerrilla Armor White & Medium Gray
Hands Campaign Combat Tech’s Gauntlets Yes None & None
Waist Trailblazer belt Yes None & None
Legs prototype? Primeval Greaves No None & Medium Gray
Feet [Prototype] Avenger Boots Yes None & None
Wrists not visible None & None
Weapon custom blaster pistol x2 Mint Green
Offhand Choose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

Head: gtn corellia quests (bunch of them dif names)

Chest: cartel market/gtn

Hands: BH classic comms vendor blackhole?

Waist: gtn / cartel market packs

Legs: gtn or high level drop (dye might be primary)

Feet: gtn low level item

Wrists: craft it or gtn (crystal gtn cartel packs)

Weapon: craft it or gtn (crystal gtn cartel packs)


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