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  1. Guest
    7 January 2015 @ 0337

    These are NOT from any flashpoints. They require Legend status with Yavin faction.


    • Exiled Messenger
      7 January 2015 @ 1110

      No, that’s the KX-7 RECON Walker. This particular version is listed in the Strongholds editor as a drop from Assault on Tython, Korriban Incusrion, and Legacy of the Rakata.


  2. Calphaya
    15 January 2015 @ 1411

    These are now dropping from Hard Mode Tython, Korriban, Manaan, and Rakata as designed as of 3.0.2, or at least they are on Harbinger.


  3. Aleksey314
    13 May 2015 @ 2319

    If I get in a Flashpoint on Empire side and then mail it to a Republic character, will it be possible to use it there? Anybody did that? Except the emblem, I like this walker colors more than any of Rep side.


    • gua543
      14 May 2015 @ 0010

      You can, I’ve seen pubs using imp walkers and vice versa. It never says it’s an empire only drop though, you can get this as a pub character too ( maybe ) . I got one of my imp korrealis’ on my main pub, got it unlocked actually.


      • Aleksey314
        14 May 2015 @ 0944

        Thank you. I do lots of flashpoints on Empire side and very rarely on Rep side. Though, never saw any other walker drop there (other than command KX-7), which is about 20 times.


        • gua543
          15 May 2015 @ 1742

          Maybe it’s different with the walkers, no idea.


  4. Meri
    23 January 2017 @ 1833

    Dropped from the last boss of Imp Korriban Incursion (Commander Jensyn) in solo mode.


    • Bastardodcadena
      10 February 2017 @ 1715

      really??? when?? :O


      • Meri
        20 February 2017 @ 0352

        Approximately a month ago. These comments have posting dates, btw. 🙂


  5. Anonymous
    26 January 2020 @ 2038

    I literally just got this an hour ago, it’s so cool


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