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  1. Zoot Sax
    28 August 2012 @ 1727

    I presume this is a 7 piece set. I’ve dressed Mako in all Battle Laminoid gear except the headpiece. I’ll take a photo and upload once i have the headpiece. Never seen it on GTN though


  2. b33zy77
    17 May 2013 @ 1921

    I can craft all the pieces for this set. I think it’s one of the best looking of all the medium gear.
    If you want it let me know and I can craft any of the pieces for you.
    Contact me at [email protected] The Bastion


  3. zach
    16 July 2015 @ 0238

    Are all of the schematics for this set found from Underworld trading missions?


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