Leis Schepperts – Jedi Covenant

    • Character: Leis Schepperts of Jedi Covenant
    • Imperial Agent: Sniper
    • Submitted by: Kyne

I’m not 100% happy with the [Stalker’s Boots], but I’m not 100% happy with any other boots, either. I kept them as “field gadget” because Rocket Boost looks a lot less ridiculous with these than with any of the thin dress boots.


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadExiled Revolutionary’s GogglesYes&Disavowed Pack
ChestRemnant Arkanian Agent’s JacketBlack & Deep RedAlliance Crate
HandsSensuous Dress GlovesYes&Opportunist’s Bounty Pack
WaistCovert Waist Energy ArmorYes&All Cartel Packs/ Archon’s Contraband Pack
LegsRepublic Protector’s GreavesYes&Makeb Reputation Vendor (Pub)
FeetStalker’s Boots
Alternate: Formal Militant’s Boots
Yes&Initiate’s / Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
WristsMalak’s Shadow WristguardsYes&Builder/s/Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack
WeaponMax-Tac Precision Sniper RiflePink-RedBlack Market / Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack

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