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  1. Errtai
    9 November 2015 @ 0926

    Definitely very elegant. The belt choice is excellent! Looks more Jedi then Sith, but that’s no biggie. Oh and what happened to her face?


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 November 2015 @ 1225

      Thank you!
      She got a brand mark on her face when she was still a slave. (Not sure if that makes any sense in Star Wars lore, but I liked the scar options the inquisitor gets so much, so that in my head’s backstory for her she tried to flee but was captured and thus branded. This was to discourage her from trying again as she would always be easily recognized as a slave now.) She is still conscious about it, hence she likes hooded garments as she can use them to hide the scars.
      And yes, I think this outfit would work nicely for a Jedi, especially a sage, too. A darker dye would probably make it a bit more “sithy”.


  2. Synchros
    9 November 2015 @ 1130

    I dig it! If you’re able to save up the CCs or credits, I’d recommend checking out the Descendant’s Heirloom saber! Plenty fancy with those gold details to match the rest of her set.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 November 2015 @ 1226

      Thanks! I will definitly replace the lightsaber at some point and I will check out the Heirloom saber :).


  3. Deathstroke11
    12 March 2017 @ 2002

    Hello there! Just saw your creations (which are rather amazing, by the way), and I saw that you have the same character with two very different styles, and I was wondering if there was some kind of lore about it.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      13 March 2017 @ 0657

      Hey, thank you! I’m happy to hear you like them.

      As much as I regret having to admit it…no, there is usually no deeper lore behind the outfit choices for my characters. It’s mostly about what looks cool and kinda works for the specific class.
      While I always create some simple background for my characters and like to imagine their broader characteristics (general attitude and mindset, relationship to different groups etc.), I don’t take it very deep since I don’t roleplay with them. I just want to be consistent in the conversation choices I pick and have the story make sense for that certain character.

      I do like to adjust outfits to the story/planets I’m currently on though. So this outfit here I used for example on Tatooine (because it’s light, but offers good sun protection) and on Alderaan (because it’s kinda elegant and fits in with the nobles there).
      Her other outfit is more combat oriented and I would use it for example on Belsavis or Corellia.

      So…it’s mostly about what looks cool ;).


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