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  1. Laís Albano
    7 October 2015 @ 1535

    she looks elegant and beautiful, well done 🙂


    • Errtai
      7 October 2015 @ 1613



    • Ri'ann Dor
      8 October 2015 @ 1425

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it!


  2. Aeden
    8 October 2015 @ 1346

    Yeah this is amazing what you’ve done here. Simple yet perfect. The hilt adds a lot to it. I really like how you took an unknown gear piece and made something really cool out of it.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      8 October 2015 @ 1430

      Thank you very much. Yeah, I’m always searching the GTN for low-level gear to make some nice outfits out of it. There are some barely used pieces that really shine when you mix them up, or add a new colour to them! (Big fan of your outfits btw., Aeden.) 🙂


      • Aeden
        8 October 2015 @ 2017

        Hey thanks! 😀
        This is my 4th time back to see your pics.


  3. Timberz
    14 April 2016 @ 2029

    Looks fantastic. Can you let me know what character creation selections you made?


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