Lovor – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: Lovor of The Red Eclipse
    • Jedi Consular: Sage
    • Submitted by: Ri’ann Dor

While I never actively role play my characters I do like to put them into believable, class appropriate outfits because it helps me to immerse myself in the stories and to fully enjoy them.

Something that always bothered me a little was to have my characters run around in full armor all the time; so I decided to try myself on a set of outfits that would simulate how a simple civilian outfit, used for traveling etc., would be upgraded to a battle outfit just by adding some additional armor and padding. I chose an armor set I already had (already submitted that one before) and made this civilian version for it. The Idea is that, instead of changing into a completely different outfit, my sage dons a short jedi robe over her pants and shirt combo and adds some additional armoring to her neck and arms. I wanted to keep it overall light and suited for high mobility.

The civilian outfit is on the left and the pieces will be listed below. To change into the full armor version switch head, chest and gloves for the Martial Pilgrim Circlet and Chestguard and Resistance Fighter’s Gauntlets (using the same dye modules).


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestOverwatch Security BreastplateWhite & Light GrayGTN
HandsAtton Rand’s GlovesYes&GTN
WaistHoth Ranger’s BootsNoNone & NoneGTN
LegsTriumphant Predator’s GreavesYes&GTN
FeetShadow Corsair’s BootsNoNone & NoneGTN
WristsOverwatch Security BracersNoDeep Blue & WhiteGTN
WeaponLightsaberFarmhand BlueJedi Consular Quest Reward (Tython)

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