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  1. Papachile
    9 June 2016 @ 0857

    Hahaha! that last one cracks me up! I really like the action shots and the feel of the character. Pretty awesome.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 June 2016 @ 1115

      Hehe, thanks!
      Yeah, I…uh..accidentally died while taking the screenshots, but I was happy I could get that shot out of it ;).


  2. Ri'ann Dor
    9 June 2016 @ 1119

    I forgot to add the helmet I like to use with this outfit when I’m on cold planets or on Quesh etc.
    It’s the Nomad Helmet.


    • Annefn
      9 June 2016 @ 1148

      She looks great!


    • Papachile
      9 June 2016 @ 1324

      That’s wicked cool!


  3. O'xlade
    9 June 2016 @ 1137

    These screen shots are amazing!


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 June 2016 @ 1438

      Thank you so much!


  4. Xeremi Lertxundi
    10 June 2016 @ 1326

    Ri’ann, all your characters look excellent. I’ll admit to using some as templates with minor tweaks. I look forward to seeing more!


    • Ri'ann Dor
      11 June 2016 @ 0220

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them.
      And I absolutly do the same whenever I see a character I think looks great. That’s the best thing about sharing our characters and outfits, that everyone can find the inspiration to create the perfect character for themselves.


  5. Atlantic
    11 June 2016 @ 0516

    Your pictures are really great. To me they tell a story; she goes to that hut to vanquish someone, leaves, senses someone watching, turns out to be a Mandalorian, fights, loses fight. Shot 12 is particularly nice. Nice outfit too.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      12 June 2016 @ 0823

      Yes, that is it exactly! I just wanted to take some screenshots at that hut because it’s a nice background but then I came across that lone Mandalorian and went for some action shots. It kinda developed by itself. Thank you for noticing! πŸ™‚


  6. Almir
    15 June 2016 @ 1637

    The tenth picture down (I think tenth) looks like it could be part of a trailer of some new Star Wars movie. All of the pictures look like they could be part of a Star Wars trailer, really.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      16 June 2016 @ 0325

      Thank you! That is quite a compliment. πŸ™‚
      I really enjoy taking screenshots and I’m happy I get to share them here and that others like them too.


      • Sisqi
        16 June 2016 @ 0437

        Maybe you would want to write a guide on how you create the scenes and the story that flows through them? I struggle finding nice screenshots. Baddba probably got closest to it.


  7. Mark Fair
    22 June 2016 @ 1549

    Wow,very nice, mind if I ask what settings you are using for her face:)


    • Ri'ann Dor
      22 June 2016 @ 1806

      Thanks! No, not all. Here you go! πŸ™‚


      • Mark Fair
        22 June 2016 @ 1827

        Thanks: )


  8. Psykrom
    27 September 2016 @ 1911

    the last pictures made me laugh! Great space barbie πŸ˜€


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