“M1-4X is a highly advanced war droid designed and built specifically to serve in Havoc Squad. As such, his engineers programmed him to be a perfect soldier: completely loyal, fervently patriotic, and willing and eager to go to any length or face any risk in order to destroy the Republic’s enemies. M1-4X’s armor plating, weapons systems and processing power are significantly advanced over typical military droid standards, due in large part to his unusual power core. Constructed by an unknown group or organization, the core was recovered during a classified operation and has output capabilities far beyond conventional models.
After his commanding officer went missing in action, M1-4X’s boisterous patriotism made him a perfect fit for the press corps, where he continues his work on improving soldiers’ morale. His fiery speeches and heroic tales from Havoc Squad has made M1-4X a legend among the Republic ranks. Not one to let fame go to his circuits, M1-4X’s only comment on his newfound notoriety is simply “All in a day’s work!””

Character ClassTrooper
RecruitedChapter 1 - Nar Shaddaa
Recruited KotFEAlliance Specialists (Republic Only)
GenderMale Programming
Primary WeaponBlaster Rifle
Armor SlotsNo
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


#1 – Ilum Security Vendor

12,500 credits

M1-4X 1

#2 – Ilum Security Vendor

12,500 credits

M1-4X 2

#3 – Master’s Shadow Pack

M1-4x 3

Where to Obtain:

Ilum SKRepublic Orbital StationCaptain Kneely(-1021, 1)