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TOR Fashion


  1. gua543
    16 February 2021 @ 1357

    You really make these otherwise ugly boots look good in a variety of outfits. I commend you for that!


  2. Chiyeko
    16 February 2021 @ 1638

    Thank you, they are one of my favourite boots personally, but in general the boots in this game often leave a lot to be desired, one of the harder pieces to get right and I lost count on how many outfit ideas I have dropped because I couldn’t find the right boots for them.


  3. gua543
    28 February 2021 @ 1309

    Indeed! Especially if you want to use some simple boots without any additional details or ornamentation. Only one or two examples that I can think of about any such.

    Regardless of that, I am quite impressed by all the various armor combinations you’ve made. Keep it up!


  4. Chiyeko
    4 March 2021 @ 0740

    Thank you 🙂 I am trying, but not going to lie it is getting harder to find new combinations I like and to Bioware’s credit their new sets look great as they are and I do want to make at least some combinations to spice things up.

    Perhaps I need to do a round of budget outfits again, those are always great limiting yourself to like 1m credits total forces creativity in new ways.


  5. ❥Cereza
    4 March 2021 @ 1050

    Such a good look! I could easily see it or something similar in an EU novel


  6. Chiyeko
    5 March 2021 @ 1644

    Thank you, that is quite a compliment 🙂


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