Major Zealander – Jedi Covenant

  • Character: Major Zealander of Jedi Covenant
  • Trooper: Commando
  • Submitted by: BjornTRoughton
  • Uhm this is my female trooper this gear set is probably my favorite because it doesn't have that dorky cube backpack thing that other trooper sets have and it looks fantastic for troopers although the one fault I have with it would be the grind it took to acquire this set the only way you can acquire this specific set is through the military alliance supply crate you get for doing the [HEROIC MISSIONS] at least that how I got it

    If you are trying to get this set just dont give and good luck

    In my personal opinion I would rate this…4 1/2 stars (four and a half stars)

    P.S I made another character that i put here called Mauahara if you wanna check that out (I accidentally forgot to put my name on Mauahara)

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    Headremnant underworld knights headgearYes &Alliance supply crate – ancient artifact- heroic missions
    Chestremnant underworld trooper's body armorWhite & Medium RedAlliance supply crate – military – heroic missions
    Handsremnant underworld trooper's gauntletsYes &Alliance supply crate – military – heroic missions
    Waistremnant underworld trooper's beltYes &Alliance supply crate – military – heroic missions
    Legsremnant underworld trooper's legplatesYes &Alliance supply crate – military – heroic missions
    Feetremnant underworld trooper's bootsYes &Alliance supply crate – military – heroic missions
    Wrists &
    WeaponInterstellar Regulator assault cannon beshGTN!