Mandalore the Ultimate



Mandalore the Ultimate - Female CloseMandalore the Ultimate - Female FrontMandalore the Ultimate - Female BackMandalore the Ultimate - Female RightMandalore the Ultimate - Female Left


Mandalore the Ultimate - Male ClsoeMandalore the Ultimate - Male FrontMandalore the Ultimate - Male BackMandalore the Ultimate - Male RightMandalore the Ultimate - Male Left


Head Mandalore the Ultimate’s Helmet
Chest Mandalore the Ultimate’s Chestguard
Hands Mandalore the Ultimate’s Gauntlets
Waist Mandalore the Ultimate’s Belt
Legs Mandalore the Ultimate’s Greaves
Feet Mandalore the Ultimate’s Boots

Where to Obtain:

Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Sat Wars Wiki

Mandalore the Ultimate, or Te Ani’la Mand’alor in Mando’a, led the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. One of the lastTaung to claim the Mandalore title, and known to some as the Great Shadow Father, he regrouped the Mandalorian forces into theMandalorian Neo-Crusaders and slowly began to conquer fringeworlds that had been left defenseless in the wake of the Great Sith War. Mandalore took full advantage of the Galactic Republic‘s halfhearted efforts to oppose his aggression and personally led his forces as they invaded Republic territory. Under his command, the Neo-Crusaders nearly defeated the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars, and it was only through the leadership of the Jedi KnightsRevan and Malak that the tide of the war was ultimately turned against Mandalore. Revan killed Mandalore in hand-to-hand combat near the end of the war.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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