Master Cairden – Star Forge

  • Character: Master Cairden of Star Forge
  • Jedi Knight: Guardian
  • Submitted by: Morrivar

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestTau Idair's BreastplateWhite and Light BrownCartel Market/GTN
HandsTau Idair's GauntletsYesCartel Market/GTN
WaistTau Idair's BeltYesCartel Market/GTN
LegsTau Idair's GreavesYesCartel Market/GTN
FeetTau Idair's BootsYesCartel Market/GTN
WristsTau Idair's BracersYesCartel Market/GTN
WeaponTau's LightsaberVolatile Weapon TuningAdvanced Yellow Blue Hawkeye CrystalCartel Market/GTN