Master Lomaar – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: Master Lomaar of The Red Eclipse
    • Jedi Consular: Sage
    • Submitted by: Ri’ann Dor

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and tried Aeden’s “black background from the secret location” style of taking screenshots. Very happy with how they turned out.
Thank you again Aeden for sharing your tips and tricks with us!


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestBastila Shan’s TunicDark Orange & Light BrownGTN
HandsSlave Girl BraceletsNoNone & NoneNar Shaddaa outfit (reputation) vendor
WaistRevanite Avenger BeltYes&GTN
LegsSubversive PantsYes&GTN
FeetAtris’ BootsYes&GTN
WristsUlic Qel-Droma’s BracersYes&GTN
WeaponLightsaber of Enduring BattleSilver-BlueFleet PVP Weapons Vendor

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