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  1. m1i-x
    3 April 2015 @ 0348

    Finally, a Meirm in a nice color!


  2. Rex
    3 April 2015 @ 1637

    Nice, I’ve been looking for something for one of my new alts, this should fit the bill nicely.


  3. Khadan
    6 April 2015 @ 1302

    The first Meirm I’ll use.


  4. Skyward
    6 April 2015 @ 2255

    It looks nice, but that startup noise will become annoying fast…


  5. 1qlgst1
    22 April 2015 @ 0606

    Finaly a Meirm in a color I like!


  6. Kodar
    26 April 2015 @ 1942

    Love the style but hate the price. I’ve already put alot of credits into the game, how about a little payback???


  7. Vicious
    9 May 2015 @ 0352

    Do other players hear the startup sound effect?


  8. Edmundo Weber
    20 August 2015 @ 1653

    Fits perfectly for an Imperial Agent.


  9. Drew
    15 October 2017 @ 0743

    These Meirm minis are one of my favorite designs (especially with the large jet in back) I just wish they’d re-skin a black one already or at least put a startup noise on this one that didnt sound like I was stealing it… xD


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