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  1. BenjaminminU
    28 May 2012 @ 1227

    There are several similar sets of this armor available through the foundry and boarding party flashpoints, foundry mercenary’s set has this appearence, but in gold. Foundry mercenary medic set has the same appearence as this set, and the Foundry powertech set is this in navy blue with red highlights


  2. Matt Marshall
    30 May 2012 @ 1828

    Note: This set is not listed under Taris on the Planetary & Flashpoint page, but should be.


    • dulfy
      30 May 2012 @ 1833

      should be there now, thanks for noticing it 🙂


  3. Danielle Krieger
    29 July 2012 @ 1818

    There is also a Mercenary Elite Prototype belt that comes from the Taris questline. It’s one of the quest rewards after you finish “Race for the Kill”. Sad thing is that it’s a blue item and not an orange moddable one. (*sad face*) I’ll try to get a screenshot of the whole set once I’m done with Taris. It’ll be a new “Empire Female” model. :3


    • Danielle Krieger
      30 July 2012 @ 0048

      You receive the gloves at the end of the Taris planet quest “Friends of the Republic”.


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