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  1. Dotification
    23 May 2012 @ 0441

    anyone ever see this in-game?


    • dulfy
      23 May 2012 @ 0445

      its crafted, so be available for purchase from your local armormech or the GTN. You probably won’t see much now but once 1.3 rolls around with augment slots you will see it plenty (maybe).


  2. Morsus
    5 July 2012 @ 1940

    It is an interesting armor set, but ultimately inferior to the TT-15A Powertech armor set in terms of getting a dark colored BH outfit to wear. However, it is the bridge and go between.


  3. BenjaminminU
    8 July 2012 @ 1718

    This has the same appearence as the Mercenary Medic’s Foundry Set, which i still haven’t had any drops for 🙁


  4. davidt0504
    5 July 2016 @ 0823

    Is this still apart of armormech crafting (Post 4.0)?


    • Exiled Messenger
      5 July 2016 @ 0824

      I don’t believe you can acquire the schematic from the trainer anymore, but if you already had it, you still do.


      • Kyne
        5 July 2016 @ 1453

        The schematic was never obtainable from the trainers. It was, and still is, a schematic (BoE) that randomly drops from Underworld Trading missions.


        • Exiled Messenger
          5 July 2016 @ 1500

          Whoops. That’s what I get for trying to respond when I’m half asleep.


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