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  1. cliveklg
    18 May 2012 @ 0627

    There is a version of the Chest that is colored Blue,
    Black Talon Hunter’s Body Armor.  Its a reward from The Black Talon flashpoint.

    There is also a version of the Chest that is colored all White, 
    RD-12A Assault Chestguard  It drops off of Dr. Pammel Tarqus on Dromund Kaas.


    • dulfy
      18 May 2012 @ 2302

      awesome, thank you for the info! 🙂


      • cliveklg
        19 May 2012 @ 0332

        No Problem.  I have all 3 on my BH.  I’ll have to snap some screenies for you. The white one can be a pain to get unless you park say a level 25 alt there to farm the NPCs. 


        • dulfy
          19 May 2012 @ 1339

          that would be awesome 🙂


  2. SpiderBorland
    27 September 2013 @ 0151

    I’ve got the whole set and I’ve got it dyed Deep Red/Black… but the Boots don’t have a dye module! What’s up with that? The Professional Boots are the same model, but again, no Dye Module.


  3. JasonRyder
    14 March 2015 @ 2012

    Can you get this as a Republic character?


  4. Kyne
    10 May 2016 @ 0752

    What’s not clear from the previews is that the ‘lights’ on shoulder pieces and in the front take the “secondary color” value of the chest resp. any dye module in it. The same goes for the Black Talon chestpiece (White/Blue) and the RD-12A chestpiece (White/White).


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