• Character: Miaorin of The Ebon Hawk
  • Sith Inquisitor: Sorcerer
  • Submitted by: Miaorin
  • Representing Rubat Crystal here (Empress) and have been on The Ebon Hawk ever since the forced server merges in 2012 as Ayva and recently changed to Miaorin. I used to wear the Centurion Survivor's set with the Tionese Stalker headpiece until the Ceremonial Mystic set released. I hated being compared to those with such gear so I pulled out my Centurion Force-Master vestments so I can be unique again. I slapped black/black dye on it and here we go. Also the word "Hell" is written on the gear, seen in the first pic (not the thumbnail)(look for it) which makes it nicer. I didn't use the rest of the Centurion or other ancient pieces that I had for the vestments simply because they either don't fit in black well or I found stuff that looked better with the chest. If Bioware brought these back, I'd quit the game that I've invested into since March 2011 during the commercial sign-up event. I constantly get whispers about how nice my gear is. I actually get so many of these I stopped posting them on my page. Check me out at http://occult.enjin.com/profile/2574831

    For any comments or questions, just ask.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Reinforced Chanlon Headgear Yes & GTN
    Chest Centurion Force-Master's Vestments Black & Black No longer available. First ever Inquisitor chestpiece.
    Hands Xoxaan's Handguards Yes & Cartel Pack. GTN.
    Waist Jori Daragon's Belt Yes & Cartel Pack. GTN.
    Legs Ghostly Magus Lower Robes Yes & Special Halloween Cartel Pack. GTN.
    Feet Tionese Force-Master's Boots Yes & First Inquisitors PVE armor. No longer available.
    Wrists War Hero Force-Master's Bracers Yes & Some old stuff. No longer available.
    Weapon Master Chamma's Lightsaber Lightning Weapon Tuning White Classic EV Soa drop. Tionese lightsaber. One of the very first real sabers in tor.