Mica Sutakira – Battle Meditation


Character – Mica Sutakira – Battle Meditation – Shadow

Submitted by – Mica




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadRevanite Champion HeadgearYesNone & None
ChestRevan Reborn BreastplateBlack & Black
HandsRevan Reborn GauntletsYesNone & None
WaistRevan Reborn BeltYesNone & None
LegsRevan Reborn GreavesYesNone & None
FeetRevan Reborn BootsYesNone & None
WristsRevan Reborn BracersYesNone & None
WeaponGreen Core
OffhandChoose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Galactic Legends Armor Pack
  • Chest: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Hands: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Waist: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Legs: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Feet: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Wrists: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
  • Weapon: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack
  • Offhand:


Despite of he was a Jedi Consular, Mica Sutakira was obsessed with the fallen Sith Darth Revan, a powerful figure of the Old Republic, and is believed to have modeled his appearance and behavior after him, and vows to finish what the Sith Warrior started.