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This page is a collection of all the Mirialan characters submitted to TOR Fashion. Note that this option wasn’t on the form until a year after submissions started so not every post is tagged. Also, it’s an optional category and not everyone chooses to tag their post. Please feel free to submit your character and/or see Taking Screenshots if you have any questions.

  • Couldn’t find a definitive answer anywhere else, so thought I’d ask before purchasing…

    If I purchase the Mirialan species on my Legacy, will I be allowed by the game to play a Mirialan Bounty Hunter? (I saw the wiki and all that said the begining species, and Mirialan was not on there, but I have seen BH players who are Mirialan…)

    Just thought I’d ask, and thank you!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Yes. If you already have at least one character at level 10 and have a legacy, you can purchase the Mirialan unlock and create a new Mirialan Bounty Hunter or switch a previous Bounty Hunter to Mirialan through the Appearance Modification station.

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