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Mission Rewards

  • Timberley

    As of 3rd Nov, the Raider’s Cove gear sets are still mission rewards for Rishi, as I’m just doing that series on my Smuggler and she’s getting the Mender/Targeter stuff.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks for confirming that for me.

  • Hib

    The Alliance Gear from the Forged Alliances Prelude isn’t available anymore. Did the Missions during the weekend on my Scoundrel and only got some green stuff rated 138.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks for letting me know.

  • Hib

    The Artifact Gear from Oricon was also removed with 4.0. I played through the storyline on my Marauder and only got blue Reputation items and some Basic Crystals as Rewards.

  • WHTJunior

    Has anyone been working on a recommended class list for these? For example, Jedi Shadow is offered the Duelist and Force-Lord lockboxes (as, I am sure, the Assassin is). Duelist has End/Def and Force-Lord has a mix of Power, Alacrity, Force Power, or Accuracy. Duelist is intended for Shadow/Assassin tanks, but I guess you could use them for defensive boost, or if you prefer the look of the Duelist gear.

  • Jonathan Parker

    I really just want a system where we can make armor with any appearance. It would really let us customize our characters, but would keep the Cartel Market and Cartel Pack stuff separate to keep it exclusive and valuable. I am always so annoyed when a piece I want for a character is gone forever or almost impossible to obtain or buy, especially when it was really easy to get most things before expansions. I’ve been struggling to get Cartel stuff from the exchange, and I don’t want to be screwed over by old gear just because I want my characters to look good. I already spent a small fortune on the Havoc Squad armor (give us other versions of that, by the way, my squad needs armor), and I’m running low on credits and patience after that alone.

  • Trellisaze

    I think the Heroic Mission Box sets are the same in name/look than those you get from Tactical Flashpoints, the difference being that the latter are BoE and artifact quality. Which means that if you level too fast to be able to collect a full set from the Heroic Mission Boxes you can try looking for the parts you need on the GTN 🙂

  • Dr_Nex

    Kallig’s countenance seems to be missing from the class story tab, among others.

    • Exiled Messenger

      That’s because I don’t have those items to put on the site. I leveled most of my characters prior to working on the site and didn’t save everything.

      • K-Man

        Is there any way of getting the new starter planet class quest gear if we’re already max level? I’ve wanted the acolyte look from Korriban forever and I really don’t want to start a new character all over again JUST for one or two looks…..

        • Exiled Messenger


          • K-Man

            thats bullshit…. typical oversight from bioware

  • BHopper2

    As an add-on to the requirements. Must be a Subscriber also, in order to get the Gear Boxes. As a Preferred Access player, I get them locked out. Not sure if a Pass, or Unlock is needed to open them for Preferred or Free to Play.

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