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Mixing and Matching

This page is intended to give recommendations for armor pieces that mix and match well with different outfits. Click on the title to expand the selection. You can make suggestions in the comments or on the forum post.







  • Sisqi

    Great inspiration! I need to get hold of some accessories.

  • Jrustle

    The bounty tracker set has some nice pieces for this, the hat works well with plenty of outfits. One piece I’ve used a lot is the dreadseed boots, fits into many “evil” looking character’s gear nicely.
    The biocontainment helmets, while ugly by itself, can be color matched for a decent high tech look.
    The Exposed Extrovert boots is pretty decent with pants.
    For inquisitors, the volatile force/exalted/grand inquisitor masks all fit under robes and looks great. Not adaptive but I figured I’ll mention it. Similarly, the warlord/marauder’s headgear is great for warriors.

    I find covert energy pieces to be a great addition to all minimalist sets, especially the bracers.

  • Meta Ray Mek

    Thank you, based Exile. Because of this page, I went out and bought a couple pieces for some of my characters. Awwwh yeah.

  • Knutt

    I hated how my scoundrel’s blaster just magically stuck to the side of her leg. I searched high and low for a looped belt where it would look like my blaster was hanging from it, but the straps never hung low enough. The Canderous Ordo belt works better than most, although if you pay close attention, it doesn’t quite come down far enough on the mainhand side. However! The kingpin belt from the nightlife event has two straps that hang exactly where they should. It looks really good with my smuggler’s outfit, and I don’t think its texture would clash with heavy armor, either. So if that was bugging anybody else, it’s the only one I’ve found that works perfectly.

  • Knutt

    If you have a toon you want black boots/gloves/belt for but your set as a whole isn’t black, a big money-saving tip is to get one of these with only one color (primary or secondary). Then just buy a cheap black/watever or whatever/black dye off the GTN and you’re set. Junhani’s boots look great in black, and I got a black/red dye off the GTN for 15k.

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