Mobios – Star Forge

  • Character: Mobios of Star Forge
  • Jedi Consular: Sage
  • Submitted by: Mobiousren

Just showing the result of some work to assemble my main’s new outfit. As he is the supreme leader of The Alliance and is full dark side, I went for something dark and that would impose respect.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Dark Marauder’s Helmet Yes Cartel Market
Chest Mandalore The Indomitable’s Chestguard Black and Black Dye Module Cartel Market
Hands Mandalore The Indomitable’s Gauntlets Yes Cartel Market
Waist Visas Marr’s Sash Yes Cartel Market
Legs Remnant Underworld Inquisitor’s Lower Yes Cartel Market
Feet RV-03 Speedsuit Boots Yes Cartel Market
Wrists Covert Wrist Energy Armor Yes
Weapon Stronghold Defender’s Lightsaber Advanced White Eviscerating Crystal Cartel Market