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Click on the names to expand each section. Then click on the thumbnail to view additional information about each mount.

You can purchase mounts you own for your guild stronghold for 50,000 credits each.

  • The Amzab tab incorrectly goes to the Adno tab, just so you know (:

  • anoneemoose

    The rancor tab is missing the Cybernetic Rancor from the Eternal Championship. Can’t upload it for some reason, problem on my end. Posting it here. – Jrustle

    • Exiled Messenger

      Images you send through the visual database submission form don’t get uploaded to the site automatically. It went through just fine and I will upload it later this morning.

  • burrito

    you’re missing thrones mounts:

    dominator’s command throne
    imperator’s command hoverchair
    shadow hand’s command throne
    overlord’s command throne
    zakuul overseer’s dais

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