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  1. Triple Zero
    5 February 2015 @ 1447

    Wow. I’m guessing this will be an ultra rare drop that will command big credits on the GTN.


    • Gahn
      5 February 2015 @ 1855

      Wouldn’t surprise me or at least similar to the first Vorantikus mount.


    • Stilluff Fogg
      14 February 2015 @ 1104

      Probably going to be another version from PvP too.


    • Derzelas
      15 February 2015 @ 0444

      I hope not, because I really really want one.


    • Macleod
      26 March 2015 @ 1024

      Yep pretty much, posted mine on the GTN literally seconds after it was off cooldown, put it up for 10,000,000 as it was the only one on the GTN, nice round number to start with. It sold in less than 2 minutes. Strike early for maximum profit! LOL


  2. writelikeaman
    5 February 2015 @ 2035

    That thing is huge.


  3. Astyra
    5 February 2015 @ 2230

    SO excited for these packs to come out.


  4. Kyne
    26 March 2015 @ 0728

    Does this also work with Rocket Boost? Because it would look beyond silly to have this big jetpack on your back and still have rocket boost torch your sandals… xD


    • Exiled Messenger
      26 March 2015 @ 0954

      No, it’s a mount. You can’t use a mount and Rocket Boost at the same time.


      • Kyne
        26 March 2015 @ 1135

        D’oh, sorry, brainfart. I had a feeling I was missing something…


  5. Jason Unkefer
    11 June 2016 @ 2213

    Curious, how do you get such a mount?


    • Errtai
      12 June 2016 @ 0211

      It actually says under the “where to obtain” section: Master’s Shadow Pack. You should check GTN if you want one.


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