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  1. gua543
    12 November 2015 @ 1620

    That Tatooine pic is pure gold!


    • Errtai
      13 November 2015 @ 0858

      Absolutely :).
      I liked this set a lot and that Tatooine pic was just the icing on the cake!


  2. Guest
    13 November 2015 @ 0641

    Hah! I have a very similar “Hoth set” I use on my Sniper using the same chest + dye combination, it just works really well together. I also like your choice of boots/gloves/wrist, they match so well I was surprised they’re all from different sets. Been thinking of posting my set here as well but I guess there’s no need now. 🙂
    +1 for great minds thinking alike xD


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