Hypercloth Aegis - Female CloseHypercloth Aegis - Female FrontHypercloth Aegis - Female BackHypercloth Aegis - Female RightHypercloth Aegis - Female Left


Hypercloth Aegis - Male CloseHypercloth Aegis - Male FrontHypercloth Aegis - Male BackHypercloth Aegis - Male RightHypercloth Aegis - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Hypercloth Aegis VestmentsHypercloth Aegis Lower RobeHypercloth Aegis bootsHypercloth Aegis HeadgearHypercloth Aegis GlovesHypercloth Aegis SashHypercloth Aegis Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Hypercloth Aegis Dyed FrontHypercloth Aegis Dyed Back

Hides Hood

Hypercloth Aegis Hides Hood

Head Nanite Threaded Aegis Headgear
Chest Nanite Threaded Aegis Vestments
Hands Nanite Threaded Aegis Gloves
Waist Nanite Threaded Aegis Sash
Legs Nanite Threaded Aegis Lower Robe
Feet Nanite Threaded Aegis Boots
Wrists Nanite Threaded Aegis Bracers


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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