Nemerys – Star Forge

Character: Nemerys of Star Forge

    • Imperial Agent: Sniper
    • Submitted by: Josh Borja

So, I know this cosplay has been created before in the past, but everyone has their own idea/variant of the cosplay, not to mention the extensive amount of armor sets that has been released since the last cosplay submission. So, without further adieu here is my Power Ranger Cosplay (first submission aswell!) Please leave a like and comment down below if you have any suggestions of improvements or even ideas for future cosplays. If I do end up implementing one of your ideas I will be sure to give you credit.

Note: Noble Attendant Leggings is used for female characters and Light Orange and White Dye Module was used for the yellow ranger.

“Go Go Power Rangers!!”

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadKeeper of Iokath’s HelmetYesCM & GTN
ChestNoble Attendant TunicDeep Red and White Dye ModuleCM & GTN
HandsClandestine Officer GlovesNoAny Dye Module with a White PrimaryCM / GTN
WaistCeremonial Guard BeltYesCM & GTN
LegsRelnex’s PantsYesCM / GTN
FeetNoble Attendant BootsYesCM / GTN
WristsTemple Guardian’s WristguardsYesCM / GTN
WeaponCollapsible Bowcaster GrekGalactic Command Weapon TuningAccordinglyCM / GTN