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  1. Shock
    6 August 2016 @ 0833

    *smiles* *raiseeyebrows* *openmouth* *thumbsup*


    • Kyne
      19 August 2016 @ 1338

      I agree, the black hat works much better.


  2. Clem
    6 August 2016 @ 1058

    OH I love her ! Just magnificent ! Bravo !


  3. Aeden Darko
    6 August 2016 @ 1518

    And you thought you wouldn’t be good at this. She looks like a mime. It’s epic!


  4. Ri'ann Dor
    21 August 2016 @ 0641

    Did…did you really find a way to shut Nadia up for more than a few minutes? This is brilliant!

    Not that I dislike her, but BioWare really nailed the annoying aspect of a teenage girl when they created her…


  5. Sisqi
    6 September 2016 @ 1732

    Gratz on the win! This outfit looks great and bad at the same time. I really look at Nadia differently now ;).


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