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  1. Peter
    31 January 2018 @ 0536

    Would look better if she wore proper pants!


  2. Vyro The Virus
    3 February 2018 @ 2118

    I thought it looked great until I saw she was in her undies.


  3. Banzai
    4 February 2018 @ 0233

    Ah, Sith prudes. You guys must hate poor Darth Talon’s character design!

    As a less snarky rejoinder, I did actually try it with a few different bottoms (including Restored Triumvirate, which is the other version of the one shown but with leggings) and none of them really worked right, either because they don’t line up correctly or they don’t dye the same color(s). I’m always open to suggestions if you have another set with similar metal/cloth mix where the metal section doesn’t dye.


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