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  1. Kazra
    13 July 2012 @ 2109

    hmm I just got this today and the shoulders don’t seem to show up anymore D:


  2. jaduda
    12 September 2012 @ 0933

    is there anything that looks like this on pub side? this piece dose not look likes this on pub side


  3. Deviation
    3 October 2012 @ 0658

    How did you get this robe on the imperial side, Dulfy?


  4. Calimus
    8 October 2012 @ 0702

    On the pub side at least.. this set looks totally different. If anyone knows of a chest piece at least, that has this look or similar.. please let me know on this thread.

    Thank you.


  5. Av
    15 December 2012 @ 1241

    hood does not display on twi’leks


  6. qmc
    3 March 2013 @ 0344

    got a lower robes from xander


  7. David Ichilov
    2 April 2013 @ 1320

    Muse set is similar to this one


  8. Darth Fain
    3 February 2015 @ 0902

    What other customizable versions of this lower robes do we have? I want some that looks like ones of the original version of the Revan Armor set when you align colors with the Revan Chestplate


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