Onnavi 3 – The Harbinger

    • Character: Onnavi 3 of The Harbinger
    • Sith Inquisitor: Assassin
    • Submitted by: Jrustle

An outfit based on the Wicked Huntress set. One thing I tried to do with this outfit is not using any armor piece that has appeared in the story, which ruled out the Exarch, Zakuulan knight and Thexan sets. I thought this would give it more “unique” feel, since outfit based armor from existing story characters often end up looking like a cheap knock off. The white/gray dye also helps to distinguish it from Vaylin’s outfit.

When it comes to outfits based around Zakuulan armor, mix&matching often becomes difficult as many Zakuulan armor use gold trims and decorations. The sets I’ve found to be useful for this purpose include: Temple Guardian, Revanite Avenger, Revanite Champion, Satele Shan, Voss Ambassador and the various KotFE sets

Variation of the outfit can be made using pieces such as Satele Shan’s boots, Revanite Champion headgear and the Exarch Meditation Boots.

The Darkwalker saberstaff is chosen because knights on Star Fortresses use this model.

PS: I hope I didn’t upload this several times by accident


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Temple Guardian’s Helmet Yes & CM
Chest Wicked Huntress’s Robes White & Light Gray CM
Hands Zakuulan Inquisitor’s Gloves Yes & CM
Waist Temple Guardian’s Belt Yes &
Legs Eternal Champion’s Legplates Yes & Eternal Championship vendor
Feet Wicked Huntress’s Boots Yes & CM
Wrists Temple Guardian’s Wristguards Yes & CM
Weapon Darkwalker’s Saberstaff White-Black PvP weapon vendor

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