“An orbalisk was a parasitic creature found on Dxun that lived in groups. They lay inactive in caves or other dark places, until they found a suitable host creature on whose skin they would attach themselves to in order to feed. Orbalisks, once attached to a host, would multiply and grow, eventually enveloping and suffocating their victim. However, the holocron of Freedon Naddcontained the knowledge to make armament to prevent the orbalisks from covering the face, hands, and feet of the host, allowing them to keep this armor hidden.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Orbalisk


Orbalisk - Female CloseOrbalisk - Female FrontOrbalisk - Female BackOrbalisk - Female rightOrbalisk - Female Left


Orbalisk - Male CloseOrbalisk - Male FrontOrbalisk - Male BackOrbalisk - Male RightOrbalisk - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Orbalisk Female BreastplateOrbalisk Female GreavesOrbalisk Female Helmetswtor-orbalisk-armor-set-parts-female

Orbalisk Female BootsOrbalisk Female Gauntlets




Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Orbalisk Dyed

Hides Hood



Head Orbalisk Helmet
Chest Orbalisk Breastplate
Hands Orbalisk Gauntlets
Waist Orbalisk Belt
Legs Orbalisk Greaves
Feet Orbalisk Boots
Wrists Orbalisk Bracers