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TOR Fashion


  1. Sisqi
    16 August 2016 @ 0657

    So they have suddenly added a bandolier to the Shrewd Rascal’s top which wasn’t there before (see Kenzi’s outfit here: Not cool, Bioware!


    • Derrick Beatty
      20 August 2016 @ 1150

      It’s always had the bandoleer this one is just less defined more of a sash and also less detail on the hat, but overall just lazy on Bioware’s part…really not cool.


      • Sisqi
        20 August 2016 @ 1425

        I was referring to the Shrewd Rascal top as I stated in my first comment which it seems this outfit was copied from.


        • Darth Ji'inx
          23 August 2016 @ 2043

          The male Shrewd Rascal always had the bandolier. The female version was missing it. Now it is fixed to be the same as the male version. Even so, the timing of this set’s release is not coincidental.


          • Sisqi
            24 August 2016 @ 0430

            Fair enough. I had not realized that.

  2. Sisqi
    26 August 2016 @ 0551

    I so had not noticed that.


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