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Outfit Designer

Outfit Designer allows you to create multiple outfits for your character that you can switch to quickly and easily without requiring you to change the AMEs on your armor to maintain your stats. It is a visual system only and does not allow you to maintain multiple sets of armor for different roles or play styles. NOTE: At this time it only allows you to change the 7 armor slots and only applies to your character, not companions.


You can find the Outfit Designer by opening your Character Sheet. All aspects of Outfit Designer have been incorporated into the Character Sheet.

Character Sheet

Character Window

How it Works

The top tab is the armor your character is actually wearing. You can change your AMEs and armor dyes in exactly the same manner as you could before Outfit Designer.

Currently Equipped Gear

To build a new outfit, select one of the tabs.


Place up to 7 armor items into the slots. NOTE: You can re-use the same items in multiple tabs and destroy them once you have completed your outfit. Once you have destroyed an item, you will need to reacquire it if you want to add it to a new tab.

5000 credits per slot

To finish an outfit, you need to click “Commit Changes” to complete the set. You can also “Discard Changes” if you are not satisfied. NOTE: Each item you equip into an armor slot costs 5,000 credits at level 60 and the item will “Bind” to that character.

Commit Changes

You can apply a dye to an item both before and after you place it into the Outfit Designer. If you apply the dye prior to adding it to the Outfit Designer, it will change that item’s look for every tab it is in. If you wait until it is already in the Outfit Designer, it will only change the dye for that outfit tab. NOTE: If you apply a dye in the Outfit Designer and remove the armor item, the dye will disappear with that item.

CTRL+right click

Stamp Dye

Each outfit has it’s own “Customize Appearance” settings. This means you could have the exact same set in two different tabs with the “Hide Head Slot” or “Show Dark Side Corruption” options checked for one, but not the other.

Customize Appearacne

To activate an outfit, select that tab and click “Apply” at the top. This will change your character’s look to the selected armor set. You can change your character’s look back to the equipped armor set by selecting the “Currently Equipped Gear” tab and selecting “Apply.” NOTE: Your stats will remain constant no matter which outfit you have equipped and it does not cost anything to switch between outfits.


You can tell which outfit you currently have equipped by the green outline around the tab number and the words “Active Outfit” will appear next to the tab when you hover over it.

Active Outfit


Full Outfit


Each armor item you place into the Outfit Designer costs 5,000 credits at level 60. One full outfit costs 35,000 credits. Level 1-10 costs 50 credits per slot. It appears that level 11 is 100 credits per slot and then the price rises 100 credits per level.

LevelCost Per SlotCost for Full Outfit
1-1050 credits350 credits
13300 credits2,100 credits
16600 credits4,200 credits
17700 credits4,900 credits
19900 credits6,300 credits
231,300 credits9,100 credits
554,500 credits31,500 credits
605,000 credits35,000 credits
655,500 credits38,500 credits


The first outfit tab is free. You can purchase additional tabs (up to 16) for credits or cartel coins. NOTE: When you purchase an outfit tab, it is only for that character unless you choose the Account Unlock option.

TabCreditsCartel Coins (Character)Cartel Coins (Account)
220,000 credits120 CC300 CC
330,000 credits120 CC300 CC
445,000 credits120 CC300 CC
570,000 credits120 CC300 CC
6100,000 credits120 CC300 CC
7150,000 credits120 CC300 CC
8225,000 credits120 CC300 CC
9350,000 credits120 CC300 CC
10500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
11500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
12500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
13500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
14500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
15500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
16500,000 credits120 CC300 CC
Total4,490,000 credits1,800 CC4,500 CC

Armor Restrictions

You can use any Armor Weight or Item Quality armor item in Outfit Designer, but there are some restrictions.

  • You cannot use armor items that are restricted to a different class than your character’s class
  • You cannot use armor items restricted to Companions
  • You cannot use armor items at a level higher than your character
  • You cannot use armor items at a higher Valor level than your character

Tips and Tricks

Courtesy of Sisqi

  • You don’t have to equip every item in Outfit Designer. For example, if your gloves cover the bracers, save yourself credits and don’t equip the bracers in Outfit Designer.
  • You can use the Covert Energy pieces to hide your currently equipped items.


  1. Lamayas
    12 May 2015 @ 2313

    One restriction I found to the designer that you should add to the list: you cannot add items that require Valor if your Valor is not high enough; ie if I want to equip a Battlemaster item (which requires 60 Valor) while I’m at 24 Valor, I can’t equip it.


  2. Sisqi
    5 June 2015 @ 1418

    Love the outfit designer and it’s costing me a fortune. I need to upload loads of new sets I’ve created.
    Just wanted to add a tip: you don’t always have to equip the braers or the belt or any other piece, to save you money. For example, if you applied gloves that cover the bracers completely, don’t apply bracers and save 5k. It’s only 5K, I know but hey if you want to save some then it is an option.
    Another example: If you choose not to apply a belt, the belt from your Active Outfit tab will still show, so you do have to use a Covert Energy Belt for instance if you don’t want any belt to show on that particular set.
    I hope this helps and that I’m making sense. If not, please let me know ;).!


  3. Sisqi
    5 June 2015 @ 1435

    I do hope that we will get at least one companion outfit designer tab per companion. The same Yavin gear on companions that come from the same class archetype is getting quite boring now.


    • Steve
      27 June 2015 @ 0453

      I agree they REALLY need to do this.


  4. Kitty
    3 November 2015 @ 0608

    I want to use the designer page exclusively for a pair of green bracers i found (Super pretty!) and I want them to be dyed, but they wont dye! do i need to have a chest piece on the designer tab to make them dye? I had the dye directly in the bracers.


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