• Source: Flashpoints
  • Level: 65


Outlander MK-4 Agent - Female CloseOutlander MK-4 Agent - Female FrontOutlander MK-4 Agent - Female BackOutlander MK-4 Agent - Female RightOutlander MK-4 Agent - Female Left


Outlander MK-4 Smuggler - Male CloseOutlander MK-4 Smuggler - Male FrontOutlander MK-4 Smuggler - Male BackOutlander MK-4 Smuggler - Male RightOutlander MK-4 Smuggler - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Outlander MK-4 Agent Female JacketOutlander MK-4 Agent Female LeggingsOutlander MK-4 Agent Female BootsOutlander MK-4 Agent Female HelmetOutlander MK-4 Agent Female GlovesOutlander MK-4 Agent Female BeltOutlander MK-4 Agent Female Bracers

Outlander MK-4 Smuggler Male JacketOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male LeggingsOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male HeadgearOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male BootsOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male GlovesOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male BeltOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Outlander MK-4 Agent Dyed FrontOutlander MK-4 Smuggler Dyed Back

Hides Hood

Outlander MK-4 Smuggler Hides Hood


Head Outlander Targeter’s Headgear MK-1
Chest Outlander Targeter’s Jacket MK-1
Hands Outlander Targeter’s Gloves MK-1
Waist Outlander Targeter’s Belt MK-1
Legs Outlander Targeter’s Leggings MK-1
Feet Outlander Targeter’s Boots MK-1
Wrists Outlander Targeter’s Bracers MK-1


Head Outlander Mender’s Headgear MK-1
Chest Outlander Mender’s Jacket MK-1
Hands Outlander Mender’s Gloves MK-1
Waist Outlander Mender’s Belt MK-1
Legs Outlander Mender’s Leggings MK-1
Feet Outlander Mender’s Boots MK-1
Wrists Outlander Mender’s Bracers MK-1


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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