Outlander Duelist / Force-Healer / Force-Lord MK-6

  • Source: KotFE Missions
    • Head: Chapter 8 – Taking Flight
    • Chest: Chapter 9 – The Alliance
    • Hands: Chapter 7 – Lady of Sorrows
    • Waist: Chapter 6 – Asylum
    • Legs: Chapter 8 – Taking Flight
    • Feet: Chapter 7 – Lady of Sorrows
    • Wrists: Chapter 6 – Asylum


Outlander MK-6 - Female CloseOutlander MK-6 - Female FrontOutlander MK-6 - Female BackOutlander MK-6 - Female RightOutlander MK-6 - Female Left


Outlander MK-6 - Male CloseOutlander MK-6 - Male FrontOutlander MK-6 - Male BackOutlander MK-6 - Male RightOutlander MK-6 - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Outlander MK-6 Female RobeOutlander MK-6 Female Lower RobeOutlander MK-6 Female BootsOutlander MK-6 Female HeadgearOutlander MK-6 Female GlovesOutlander MK-6 Female BeltOutlander MK-6 Female Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Outlander MK-6 Dyed Front


HeadOutlander Force-Lord’s Headgear MK-6
ChestOutlander Force-Lord’s Robe MK-6
HandsOutlander Force-Lord’s Gloves MK-6
WaistOutlander Force-Lord’s Belt MK-6
LegsOutlander Force-Lord’s Lower Robe MK-6
FeetOutlander Force-Lord’s Boots MK-6
WristsOutlander Force-Lord’s Cuffs MK-6


HeadOutlander Force-Healer’s Headgear MK-6
ChestOutlander Force-Healer’s Robe MK-6
HandsOutlander Force-Healer’s Gloves MK-6
WaistOutlander Force-Healer’s Belt MK-6
LegsOutlander Force-Healer’s Lower Robe MK-6
FeetOutlander Force-Healer’s Boots MK-6
WristsOutlander Force-Healer’s Cuffs MK-6


HeadOutlander Duelist’s Headgear MK-6
ChestOutlander Duelist’s Robe MK-6
HandsOutlander Duelist’s Gloves MK-6
WaistOutlander Duelist’s Belt MK-6
LegsOutlander Duelist’s Lower Robe MK-6
FeetOutlander Duelist’s Boots MK-6
WristsOutlander Duelist’s Cuffs MK-6


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces