Outlander Observer


Outlander Observer - Female CloseOutlander Observer - Female FrontOutlander Observer - Female BackOutlander Observer - Female RightOutlander Observer - Female Left


Outlander Observer - Male CloseOutlander Observer - Male FrontOutlander Observer - Male BackOutlander Observer - Male RightOutlander Observer - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Outlander Observer JacketOutlander Observer PantsOutlander Observer BootsOutlander Observer HelmetOutlander Observer GauntletsOutlander Observer BeltOutlander Observer Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Outlander Observer Dyed FrontOutlander Observer Dyed Back

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Outlander Observer Doesn't Hide Hood

Head Outlander Observer’s Helmet
Chest Outlander Observer’s Jacket
Hands Outlander Observer’s Gauntlets
Waist Outlander Observer’s Belt 
Legs Outlander Observer’s Pants
Feet Outlander Observer’s Boots
Wrists Outlander Observer’s Bracers


Head Piece

Chest Piece

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