Panteer Loyalist

House Panteer hailed from Alderaan, on which it was considered the most blue-blooded of the noble houses. Throughout history, House of Panteer put more kings and queens on the Alderaanian throne than all other families (such as the House of Organa or the House of Thul) combined. For ten generations before the break of the Cold War, the crown of the Panteer had adorned the head of every ruler of Alderaan.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki


Panteer Loyalist - Female ClosePanteer Loyalist - Female FrontPanteer Loyalist - Female BackPanteer Loyalist - Female Right Panteer Loyalist - Female Left


Panteer Loyalist - Male ClosePanteer Loyalist - Male FrontPanteer Loyalist - Male BackPanteer Loyalist - Male RightPanteer Loyalist - Male Left

Head Panteer Loyalist Helmet
Chest Panteer Loyalist Chestguard
Glove Panteer Loyalist Gauntlets
Belt Panteer Loyalist Utility Belt
Leg Panteer Loyalist Greaves
Feet Panteer Loyalist Boots
Wrist Panteer Loyalist Bracers



Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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