R Partisan Vindicator Close R Partisan Vindicator Front R Partisan Vindicator Back R Partisan Vindicator Left


RM Partisan Vindicator CloseRM Partisan Vindicator FrontRM Partisan Vindicator BackRM Partisan Vindicator RightRM Partisan Vindicator Left 



Head Partisan Weaponmaster’s Headgear
Chest Partisan Weaponmaster’s Vest
Hands Partisan Weaponmaster’s Gloves
Waist Partisan Weaponmaster’s Waistcord
Legs Partisan Weaponmaster’s Leggings
Feet Partisan Weaponmaster’s Boots
Wrists Partisan Weaponmaster’s Bracers


Head Partisan Challenger’s Headgear
Chest Partisan Challenger’s Vest
Hands Partisan Challenger’s Gloves
Waist Partisan Challenger’s Waistcord
Legs Partisan Challenger’s Leggings
Feet Partisan Challenger’s Boots
Wrists Partisan Challenger’s Bracers


Head Partisan War Leader’s Headgear
Chest Partisan War Leader’s Body Armor
Hands Partisan War Leader’s Gloves
Waist Partisan War Leader’s Belt
Legs Partisan War Leader’s Greaves
Feet Partisan War Leader’s Boots
Wrists Partisan War Leader’s Armguards


Head Partisan Vindicator’s Headgear
Chest Partisan Vindicator’s Chestguard
Hands Partisan Vindicator’s Handgear
Waist Partisan Vindicator’s Belt
Legs Partisan Vindicator’s Greaves
Feet Partisan Vindicator’s Boots
Wrists Partisan Vindicator’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

No longer available.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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