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TOR Fashion


  1. gua543
    26 September 2015 @ 2309

    Sion 2.0?


    • Atlantic
      27 September 2015 @ 1625

      That’s an interesting observation. I like it. She’s certainly ragged looking enough.


  2. Steve
    27 September 2015 @ 0031

    I didn’t think I’d like it but i looked at them like 3 or 4 times.. kinda cool, I bet you have that title from Yavin on her lol (sorry i forgot the name of it)


    • Atlantic
      27 September 2015 @ 1624

      Master of Hidden Knowledge would work. Speaker of the Dead would be better. She isn’t quite leveled for Yavin yet though.


  3. Aeden
    28 September 2015 @ 2045

    Excellent job mate! I love it all. The pics, the gear and the idea behind the toon. Just awesome fun! Thanks for sharing.


    • Atlantic
      28 September 2015 @ 2241

      Thanks. I don’t completely like the look myself. It evolved out of using a hood that shows the forehead. Still makes for a fun character to play, especially all the darkside choices that were needed.


  4. Morgulian
    2 April 2016 @ 0716

    That’s one of the best looking toons I’ve seen, and your screenshots are awesome.


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