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TOR Fashion


  1. Ri'ann Dor
    24 August 2016 @ 1757

    Well, I do always say everybody needs a hobby, but…I’m not so sure about this one…

    But the robe looks beautiful – especially in combination with the mask – and it is wonderfully captured in the screenshots. The sixth pic (P3) is my favourite, she really looks like she just emerged from the tomb…grave dust and all!


    • Atlantic
      24 August 2016 @ 1821

      She’s a bit…er…creepy, I’ll admit. Thank you very much for your keen eye:)


      • Ri'ann Dor
        24 August 2016 @ 1827

        Apropos of keen eye…is she snorting ashes in the last pic?!? Creepy indeed… 😉


        • Atlantic
          24 August 2016 @ 1914

          I think she must be. That’s extra creepy, Lol.


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