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  1. /7
    1 February 2015 @ 1417

    The person who can tell the difference of pink-red and pink magenta ingame gets 100 CC.


  2. Sindariel
    14 February 2015 @ 1445

    The pink color is very slight and the crystal looks similar to the basic red crystal.


    • Zakun
      14 February 2015 @ 1806

      I honestly quite enjoy the slight pink tone of the crystal. Adds depth, IMO.


      • Astyra
        14 February 2015 @ 2101

        I gotta agree. Just picked one up on my Sin today for just 75k, it’s another cool Sith saber alternative to red or purple.


  3. veryblackraven
    21 August 2015 @ 0014

    Well, it’s actually great we have this. With all those advanced crystal with level 10 requirements this one is practically the only one that have a proper Sith color. 😉


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