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TOR Fashion


  1. DumbWare
    7 March 2015 @ 0424


    Now we get the real crazy color combinations!


  2. Ralf
    24 March 2015 @ 1727

    What were they thinking? Did anyone actually stop and think. “Yeah this looks good.” Because it doesn’t this looks horrible.


  3. 7tihaar
    24 March 2015 @ 1925

    Ok… when will they stop trolling the players with all these pink dyes and crystals. For 1-2 packs it’s funny. Yes. But enough is enough! This is Star Wars, and nothing labeled Star Wars should have that many pink dyes and color crystals. There are more pink dyes than any other color.

    Some colors aren’t in game, like olive or a rusty brown. They should these colors, not pink, pink, pink, pink. What idiot at BioWare makes these decisions?


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