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TOR Fashion


  1. Katie A.M.
    10 October 2013 @ 2339

    Thank the maker: armor /w stomach wraps and long sleeves that *don’t* disappear on a female character for once! *side-eyes the Aspiring Knight vest and p. much every robe/vest for Imperial characters* Pity it has a weird backpack, but beggars can’t be choosers, lmao.


  2. snowd
    30 September 2014 @ 0644

    If you use legs that aren’t robes, they clip through the flap at the bottom and at just below the waist when you run.


  3. Marek Lilleleht
    2 December 2014 @ 1507

    I’m using this with slight modifications on my Marauder and I have to say it’s one slightly weird set – the gloves have parts designed to look as if they’re attached to your bracers, but the set itself doesn’t include any.


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