• Character: Predeth of The Harbinger
    • Bounty Hunter: Powertech
    • Submitted by: DAmethystDragon

Predeth the Heartless, born into poverty, has worked tirelessly to amass as much wealth as possible during his career. As Champion of the Great Hunt, he brings in even higher fees. He now shows off that wealth whenever possible with ostentatious golden armor and a trendy matching jetpack.


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Fiber Mesh Headcover Yes & random loot drop
Chest Remnant Arkanian Knight’s Chestguard None & None Alliance Supply Crate
Hands Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Gauntlets Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Waist Remnant Underworld Inquisitor’s Belt Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Legs Remnant Arkanian Knight’s Greaves Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Feet Remnant Underworld Knight’s Boots Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Wrists Remnant Yavin Agent’s Bracers Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Weapon GR-10 Plasma Core Blaster none Fire Orange GTN

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